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This Recipe for Homemade Snickers Bars Will Soothe Your Sweet Tooth Whenever Cravings Hit

published Mar 10, 2022
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Snickers-Inspired Bar Cookies

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s wanting a tasty chocolate bar and not having one on hand. Though I can always head up to my nearest bodega to sooth my need, sometimes, that just isn’t feasible. Thanks to this Homemade Snickers Bar recipe, from Eitan Bernath, however, I’ll never have another unsatisfied candy bar craving.

TikTok star, chef, and author @eitan shared the recipe that features layers of creamy caramel, peanut nougat, and chocolate — just like the iconic chocolate bar you know and love. You’ll wan to be sure to plan your cravings ahead of time though since the recipe has several steps, and you have to let it sit and chill.

To start, you’ll make the peanut caramel by combining and cooking sugar, corn syrup, heavy cream, whole milk, and salt on the stovetop until it reaches 240°F. Then, stir in a batch of peanuts until everything is thoroughly combined and pour that into a tin foil-lined baking dish.

To make the nougat, combine sugar, corn syrup, and water and boil. While it’s coming to a boil, beat an egg white and slowly stir in the sugar mix once it’s done. Add peanut butter and vanilla extract and continue to whisk until smooth. Pour the nougat on the peanut mix and cut it into bar shapes. The video doesn’t mention this, but my guess is that you’ll want to chill the mixture so that it sets and is firm before you cut into it.

Once you have your peanut bars, you dip them into a bowl of melted chocolate until they’re covered all around. This isn’t mentioned either, but you’ll want to refrigerate the bar until it sets.

If you have leftover peanuts, and are still craving a little something sweet, you can use them to make this peanut butter brownie or a peanut butter frosting