Homemade Mac n’ Cheese: What’s Your Favorite Method?

(Image credit: Flickr member Vancouver Bites)

You can start with a roux. You can make it in the microwave. You can use a mix of fancy cheeses, or you can stick with Velveeta. You can eat it straight from the pan or you can bake until bubbly. What’s your favorite tried-and-true method for making macaroni and cheese at home?

My personal favorite is macaroni and cheese made with a large amount of cheddar cheese and thickened with a beurre manie (which is definitely not as hard as it sounds). I’ve always been a little impatient, so I skip the oven and love it served straight from the pot while the cheese is still completely melty and oozy.

But I’m not really choosy. Let’s face it: pasta + cheese = delicious, no matter how you make it.

What’s your favorite?

(Image: Flickr member Vancouver Bites licensed under Creative Commons)