Homemade Kombucha Week 5: The Fruit Fly Dilemma

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

I’m really enjoying making (and drinking!) my homemade kombucha, but a new, unexpected critter seems to be liking it almost as much me. I’ve had fruit flies in the past in my current apartment, and they seemed to have left for good until last weekend when I opened my the closet where I’m storing my kombucha. There they were –– flying around the bottles, taking in that vinegary smell. How do I get rid of them?!

I’m not too concerned with the fruit flies actually getting into my kombucha jugs (they are secured with a rubber band and breathable fabric), but they are still pests that I don’t want around. I’ve had difficulty getting rid of fruit flies in the past, and I don’t want this to deter me from making more kombucha tea!

After doing a little research on the topic I discovered that people set traps for the fruit flies by giving them exactly what they want –– your homebrew! By adding a cup of kombucha tea to a disposable cup, and creating a funnel like entrance to the tea (think something like the cup you use for a snow cone), the fruit flies get trapped and stop bothering you.You can see how it works in this video.

Do you have any other ides for how to deal with fruit flies when making your own kombucha? I’d love to know!