Thanksgiving for Your Host! Hostess Gifts from the Kitchen

updated May 2, 2019
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My husband and I, along with a crew of siblings, aunts, uncles, and even some work colleagues with nowhere else to go for the holiday, are about to descend upon my aunt’s lovely home for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a time when a hostess gift is certainly called for. We want to take some small and luxurious token of appreciation, maybe even something homemade. Here are a few ideas, and we’d love to hear more from you!

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Here are a few ideas that particularly struck our fancy, culled from around the web. We weren’t strongly inclined to sweets like cookies or candy, since there is so much food left over from Thanksgiving already! We’ll save those giftable treats for later in December.

• 1 Bath fizzies – We don’t usually make our own bath products but these bath fizzies from Martha Stewart actually sound really easy and accessible. Also see how to make homemade body scrubs.
• 2 Granola – A batch of homemade granola is always appreciated.
• 3 Cookie dough for later – There are too many sweets left over from Thanksgiving to give your host a whole other batch, but what about a prettily-wrapped roll of frozen cookie dough for later?
• 4 Homemade cocktail mixers – We love things that we wouldn’t usually think to make ourselves, like a set of holiday cocktail mixers. See recipes at Martha Stewart, plus printable tags.
• 5 Hot chocolate mix – We love these little tins, with printable labels for download at Blonde Designs Blog.

• 6 Homemade jam or preserved fruit – Did you can some jam or fruit this summer? Take a jar, wrapped up in a pretty tea towel or bag tied with ribbon.
• 7 Small bags of coffee – What about a small bag of your favorite coffee, in a bag decorated by you?See more

about this here

• 8 Flavored sugar or herbed salts – Leave a vanilla bean in sugar to scent it, and give it in a pretty jar. More
ideas like this here at Martha Stewart.

Plus all of these homemade things, you could also just take a very nice jar of honey, an extra-special bottle of olive oil, a pint of good ice cream, or a bundle of fresh herbs from your garden, tied with a pretty ribbon.

What are you taking to say thank you to your Thanksgiving host this year?

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