A Holiday Homemade Gift Idea: Make a Cinnamon Roll Wreath!

(Image credit: Aimee Wenske)

For those passionate about making things in the kitchen, homemade gifts are a great way to go for family and friends. They’re always unique and personal, and really show the lucky recipient that you think enough about them to make them something from the heart. One of my favorite homemade gift ideas? The cinnamon roll wreath.

(Image credit: Chris Perez)

First of all, how could you not be smitten with someone who gives you a cinnamon roll? Just the smell of one will bring a smile to anyone’s face, even the scrooges. Now, imagine magnifying that gratitude with a unique preparation and presentation, like in this wreath.

I have to admit: this cinnamon roll wreath isn’t my idea. Instead it’s the personal homemade gift tradition of a good pastry chef friend of mine, Janina O’Leary of the soon to open laV in Austin. This cinnamon roll wreath is something her mother has always done for the holidays, gifting them to neighbors and friends.

The preparation is similar to a regular cinnamon roll, stopping just shy of cutting the spiced roll of dough into disks. For the wreath, the whole cylinder gets proofed in the fridge before it’s removed and formed into a ring. Once the ring is formed, the dough goes through a second rise in a warm place.

After the dough has risen the ring is cut into strips. The strips are then separated and twisted to show the cinnamon roll filling, and then the whole thing is baked. Once it turns golden brown, you can cover it with icing (in copious amounts, of course — and made with Bailey’s if you want!).

What you’re left with is a beautiful cinnamon roll centerpiece that you’ll have a hard time parting with.

Have you made a cinnamon roll wreath before?

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