Homemade Food Gift Packaging: 5 Ways to Dress Up Brown Paper Bags

(Image credit: Country Living)

Planning on giving homemade goodies as gifts this year? While you can package your goods in pastry boxes or wrap them furoshiki-style, the easiest (and cheapest) way is just using a plain ol’ brown paper lunch bag. But that’s not very festive, you say. True — which is why you’ll want to spruce it up with one of these five ideas!

5 Ways to Dress Up a Brown Paper Bag

1. Cut a square of fabric to the width of the bag, then make a smaller label to fit on top of it. Attach both to the bag with a clothespin! → See more at Country Living

2. With the help of a single hole punch, you can make just enough room to thread pretty ribbon and other trimmings, like evergreen clippings, through for a very pretty presentation. → See more at Sheri Silver

3. Fold a white paper doily over the top of the bag and attach a gift tag, then sew the two together (or tape, if you don’t have a sewing machine). → See more at Serving Pink Lemonade

4. Never underestimate the power of twine, a big gift tag, and a little metallic trimming! → See more at this post on The Kitchn

5. Take an patterned edge hole punch and cut along the top of the bag for a delicate, scalloped edge. So pretty! → See more at The Party Studio Blog

How do you dress up brown paper bags for food gifts?