Homemade Cheese Ball Machine Guns Are the Key to a Perfect Summer

(Image credit: NightHawkInLight)

I think most people will agree that cheese makes everything better. Cheese on a burger? Duh! Cheese with that glass of wine? Of course! And now cheese is here to make your summer playtime even more fun.

Whether you’re hanging out on the back deck with your friends, cruising around campus on your motorized cooler with your brews, or relaxing at home with your roommates or family members, a cheese ball machine gun is the cheesy and effective solution to any bouts of boredom you may encounter. Want to learn how to make your own? Watch this video.

Because why have a spud gun, marshmallow gun, water gun, or rubberband gun when you could have one of these bad boys? Just try to keep it outside — no one wants to clean cheese ball dust out of the carpet.