This Burrata Hack Will Revolutionize Your at-Home Brunch Routine

published Apr 8, 2022
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roasted tomatoes with burrata on a platter
Credit: Katie Workman
This Easy Summer Meal Combines All My Favorite Things: Tomatoes, Pesto, and Lots of Burrata

I love burrata. The Italian cow’s milk cheese tastes like the most creamy, rich fresh mozzarella you’ll ever have — and that’s because that’s exactly what it is. It’s also incredibly versatile, whether you’re enjoying it in tomato burrata bites or caprese stuffed peppers.

But if you are craving burrata and don’t have any available, there’s an incredibly easy hack to make a pretty epic version right at home.

Burrata is essentially a mix of fresh mozzarella and cream, which is why it’s so soft and creamy in texture, especially at the center. In a video posted on Instagram by chef and cheese expert MacKenzie Smith of, MacKenzie recreates this texture and taste using a common ingredient in most of our fridges right now.

She starts with store-bought mozzarella before tearing it up into small curds, placing in a bowl, and mixing with heavy cream and salt. She lets this mixture sit and absorb for around a half hour. The result is a taste and texture just like stracciatella, which is that delicious inner part of burrata.

MacKenzie then takes the homemade stracciatella and smears it on some olive oil toasted bread with flaky salt, pepper, and truffle oil, making this a snack perfect for the most special of days, or any day at all. In fact, it’d be lovely to have some right now.

Need other ways to try your new homemade version of burrata? Try making a burrata bar or even throwing it on top of a sweet potato and sage soup.