Obama’s Afternoon Snack and Things Every Kitchen Needs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This time last year we were talking about President Obama’s afternoon snack, Ina Garten’s recommendations for the tools that every kitchen needs, homemade BBQ sauce, spring asparagus recipes, and inspiringly clean kitchens. There were suggestions for spill-proof lunchboxes, a recipe for baked doughnuts, and the best meals to cook over a campfire. Oh, and a hot pink cake, and gooey-chewy graham cracker bars. Read on for these posts and more from this week last year!

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

The President’s afternoon snack. We especially like the crackers.

• Fascinating ingredients: Tupelo honey, vanilla powder, and edible nasturtiums.

What every kitchen needs, according to Ina Garten. Also, a guide to cheap cuts of meat from the Times.

• The stages of edible growth in plants and the story of how chocolate is made.

• Kitchens that are inspiringly clean and neat, and Kyle’s morels and ramps.