The “Adorable” HomeGoods Kitchen Organizer That Doubles as Decor (It’s Perfect for Summer!)

published Jun 13, 2024
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Columbus,Ohio/USA April 24, 2019: HomeGoods is an American brick and mortar chain of discount home furnishing stores founded in 1992.
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I never turn down a trip to HomeGoods. I’m lured in by the sparkling potential of what I could find, and I end up admiring the most unexpected things, like large, campy fruit stools. The shelves at HomeGoods constantly rotate fun, affordable kitchen decorations (many of them celebrating in-season fruits) that blend style and function — and summertime has brought an explosion of fresh finds to the table.

Most recently, shoppers have spotted adorable strawberry and lemon ceramic jars in store. Slightly asymmetrical in shape and coated in vibrant glaze, the jars radiate a distinct vintage-inspired Italian summer aesthetic — and they’re still ripe for the picking. 

The dainty jars complement any existing fruit decor you may own and give a sweet touch to bare kitchen countertops. The strawberry jar has a simple red base and a more opaque and detailed top that acts as the lid. Double the strawberry’s size, the lemon jar has a round, sunny yellow base and an intricate lid that looks more like an art piece: a bed of two-toned leaves with a realistic-looking lemon and a delicate white flower. 

Both containers provide smart storage for smaller kitchen items like matches, candies, toothpicks, teas, stirrers, and more. The strawberry jar in particular is a perfect vessel for sugar. Of course, you can style the jars throughout the home, perhaps on a living room coffee table, near the bathroom sink, or on a bedroom dresser. They each have a playful flair and can be used for sneaky storage or pure ornamentation.

“I GASPED when I saw these?” the video creator wrote. “Such good quality and handmade in Italy!” You can find these cottagecore containers at your local HomeGoods. Prices may vary, but you can expect the strawberry jar to be around $25 and the lemon jar around $30, according to in-store employees.

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In case you’re not near a HomeGoods or your local store is sold out, Amazon has similar alternatives for both: two strawberry jars for $16, and a lemon jar for $19. The good news is that there’s no wrong choice here — all of these juicy gems will add a splash of timeless charm to your home — and just in time for summer!

Buy: First of a Kind Summer Strawberry Ceramic Jars With Lids, $15.99