Courteney Cox’s Non-Toxic (and Beautiful-Smelling!) Cleaning Products Actually Make Me Look Forward to Cleaning

published Mar 1, 2023
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Courteney Cox in a kitchen with leaves and cleaning products
Credit: Homecourt

With regard to cleaning the home, there’s a common misconception that the more chemical-laden the product, the more powerful it is. Of course, everything is made of chemicals, but when people reach for a tile cleaner or countertop spray, they’ll often opt for something with bleach, alcohol, or other toxic ingredients. And, if that works for you, go for it! But the truth is, there are alternatives out there that work just as well without being as harmful to the planet — or to our bodies. I rediscovered this when I tested some items from Courteney Cox’s collection of home cleaning products, Homecourt, which the founder likens to “beauty products for the home.” Specifically, I tried the Kitchen Trio, and let me tell you: It’s beautiful in every sense of the word. Although you can purchase products individually on the brand’s website, I was excited to try one of the sets. This one came with dish soap, a surface cleaner, and hand soap.

Immediately upon unboxing my Kitchen Trio, I was taken with how beautiful the bottles looked. Unlike the garish colors you’ll find on the packaging of many store-bought cleaning products, the Homecourt ones are contained inside these sleek black containers, with each liquid’s name and scent elegantly scrawled on in subtle white lettering. The plastic bottles are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials, which speaks to Homecourt’s sustainability-focused mission. I really love that each container blends in with the neutral vibe of my apartment; unlike a lot of soaps and sprays, I actually want to display these. But, make no mistake — the set is more than just pretty to look at.

I’ll admit, I was apprehensive at first, since I’m used to cleaning with bleach-based sprays and scrubbing my plates with standard Dawn dish soap. Homecourt uses completely non-toxic, plant-derived, and skincare-grade ingredients in each of its products, so my question was: Would they really be up to the task of daily cleaning? Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, yes, they are. I received my Kitchen Trio in the neroli leaf scent. The pleasant fragrance was apparent as soon as I washed my hands. My dish soap actually arrived in the Cece scent, which is a mix-up I’m not complaining about. (Whichever fragrance you choose, it’s going to make your space feel more luxurious and serene.) What’s most important, though, is that the dish soap eliminates every last speck of food and grease from my dishes and doesn’t leave my hands feeling dry.

Credit: Nikol Slatinska
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Of the surface cleaner, I also only have good things to say. I use it when wiping down my bedroom furniture, the bathroom sink, and will even spritz some when Swiffer-ing my floors. I also feel totally safe spraying it on my kitchen counters and dish rack before scrubbing them down. Every surface was spotless and free of grime and residue. And, after having used the cleaner for about a month, I still have plenty left, which only makes me even more excited!