If You Spot This Disco Ball Planter at HomeGoods, Grab 2 (It’ll Light Up Your Kitchen — and Mood!)

published May 24, 2024
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Plants are often the unsung heroes of home decor. Adding even the tiniest plant can completely reinvent your space and quite literally breathe new life into a room. But a plant is only as impactful as the planter you put it in, and all too often adorable indoor plants end up in boring, run-of-the-mill terracotta planters. 

HomeGoods, however, is having none of that. One of the newest items to debut in the store proves that the only thing better than bringing home a cute new plant is bringing home a cute new plant in a beautiful disco ball planter.

Recently spotted on the shelves of HomeGoods is a disco ball planter that is bound to make your space instantly feel more magical. As if the disco ball look isn’t already fun and funky enough, natural light reflecting off of all of those tiny mirror facets adds an entirely new layer to your home decor. 

It’s a widely known fact that plants have the power to boost your mood, and it’s pretty safe to say that putting your plant in a sparkling disco ball planter can only make you even happier. But if you have a brown thumb, don’t worry — fake plants would also work perfectly in one of these planters, and you can even change them out with seasonal flowers and greenery throughout the year.

HomeGoods can be hit or miss when it comes to hunting for your favorite items, so if you can’t seem to track down one of these disco ball planters in your local store we’ve got you covered. While this particular item isn’t available online, Amazon carries a dupe that comes in several different sizes and two colors: classic silver and rose gold. With prices starting from $8.99 you can choose anywhere between 4 inches and 10 inches, depending on the size of the plant, and they each come with anchors and screws in case you decide to hang them.

Whether you shop in store at HomeGoods or head to Amazon for the dazzling dupe, there’s no denying that this disco ball planter is about to make your day — and your space — a whole lot brighter. 

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