5 Surprising Home Decor Stores That Also Sell Food

updated Sep 18, 2019
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Food is the best. So when I can check out cool food items at places I didn’t expect — like my favorite home decor store — all the better. Plus, because these retailers don’t necessarily focus on food items, what they do stock is carefully curated for the shoppers of that store. That means you can score everything from Bavarian mustard at World Market to artisanal goat-milk caramels at Anthropologie. So the next time you’re shopping for a new dining table, don’t forget to bring your grocery list!

It’s not surprising to those who frequent World Market that the retailer carries food — it’s a market, after all, sourced from around the world. Still, it is a bit shocking how enormous the range of food items is at just one of these stores. From Danish cookies to Mediterranean spices to all sorts of jams, jellies, and spreads, there’s a ton to keep adding to your cart (including a Downton Abbey collection), especially if you’re missing favorite goodies from other countries. And we have to say, their international coffee and tea selection is also top-notch.

Credit: World Market

Nyåkers Gingersnap Tin

Traditional Swedish gingersnaps are housed in this delightful tin you can use even after the cookies are gone. It’s one of World Market’s bestsellers and Nyåkers has been using the recipe since 1952, so clearly they’re doing something right.

Buy: Nyåkers Gingersnap Tin, $15

Credit: World Market

Moringa Pancake Mix

You’ve seen the Japanese, fluffy pancakes — and maybe you’ve tasted them, too — but now it’s time to make them at home with this mix from Japan.

Buy: Moringa Pancake Mix, $6

Credit: World Market

Handlmaier Sweet Bavarian Mustard

Tangy and sweet, this mustard has been around for more than a century — use it on sausages, pretzels, or even on burgers.

Buy: Handlmaier Sweet Bavarian Mustard, Set of 2, $8

Those who are hip to the max (sorry) know that there are a ton of food deals at T.J.Maxx. They have an entire section devoted to foodstuffs, including pastas, coffee, snacks, infused oils, and seasonings. You can also find food items at its sister store, Homegoods. While the food isn’t readily available online (go to the store, people!), here are a few food-related picks you can score ASAP.

Credit: T.J.Maxx

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy’s first cookbook is at T.J.Maxx for a steal, and it’ll give you a ton of ideas that will use up pretty much anything and everything from your pantry (and from your trip to the store).

Buy: Cravings, $15

Credit: T.J.Maxx

Dots Food Storage Set

This vintage-looking, polka-dot Pyrex set comes with two dishes that make perfect containers for toting lunch or storing leftovers.

Buy: Pyrex Dots Food Storage (Set of 2), $10

Sure, it’s a great place to buy dorm essentials, new towels, bedding, and even a kitchen item or two, but Bed Bath & Beyond also has a slew of food finds at every store that are worth checking out. Sadly, there aren’t as many things available online — but here are a few.

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Starbucks® by Nespresso® Capsules Collection

Stock up on capsules for your Nespresso machine, because why hit the grocery store when you can also get them at the same place you can get a new duvet cover? (Hey, you deserve it.)

Buy: Starbucks® by Nespresso® Capsules Collection, $27

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Keurig® K-Cup® Pack Flavorful Fall Selections

More of a Keurig person? These fall favorites will get you through the season happy and caffeinated.

Buy: Keurig® K-Cup® Pack Flavorful Fall Selections, starting at $8

Harney & Sons Tea Collection

If you prefer tea over coffee, BB&B has you covered with an assortment of flavors from Harney & Sons, including Paris Black Tea and Tropical Green Tea.

Buy: Harney & Sons Tea Collection, $19 – $20

Our favorite store for eclectic home knick-knacks and upgrades like vases and cabinet knobs, Anthropologie also boasts a selection of snacks and sweets that make perfect gifts for loved ones or for yourself. (No judgment.)

Credit: Anthropologie

Teaspressa Mini Luxe Sugar Cubes

Add a little something-something to your tea with these delightful little cubes, which come in rose, salted caramel, and spiced apple toddy.

Buy: Teaspressa Mini Luxe Sugar Cubes, $10

Credit: Anthropologie

Big Picture Farm Caramels Golden Goat Gift Box

Big Picture Farm’s award-winning caramels are made in small batches on a family-owned-and-operated goat dairy in Vermont. And, yes, they’re made with goat milk.

Buy: Big Picture Farm Caramels Golden Goat Gift Box, $24

Credit: Anthropologie

Woodward Extract Co. Cardamom Mulling Kit

This mulling kit will work on two bottles of wine or half a gallon of apple cider. Perfect for cozy fall nights in.

Buy: Woodward Extract Co. Cardamom Mulling Kit, $15


Yes, it’s where you can buy all the affordable, “OMG-how-do-you-actually-construct-this?” furniture. Yes, it’s also where you can dine on Swedish meatballs. And, yes, there are other foodstuffs at IKEA to take home with you — they’re in the Swedish Food Market. And it’s definitely worth a look.

Credit: IKEA


We weren’t kidding about Sweden loving ginger cookies. Pick up some before you head home.

Buy: VINTERSAGA Ginger Thins, $6

Credit: IKEA

KRUSTADER Mini Croustades

Fill these wheat-flour mini croustades (i.e. pie crusts) with what you will — the sky’s the limit.

Buy: KRUSTADER Mini Croustades, $4

Credit: IKEA

SYLT LINGON Organic Lingonberry Preserves

You can’t go to IKEA and not get something with lingonberry. You just can’t. Spread it on toast, pancakes, or even serve alongside — you guessed it — meatballs.

Buy: SYLT LINGON Organic Lingonberry Preserves, $5