Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with These Ridiculously Soft, Absorbent $14 Dish Cloths (They Have Nearly 12,000 5-Star Ratings!)

published Mar 24, 2023
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For some reason, quality is often conflated with roughness when it comes to cleaning cloths. People want their bath towels to be fluffy and plush, whereas kitchen towels of any kind are typically desired to be tough and heavy-duty. Aside from the microfiber cloths you might use to dust your home with, you’ll typically find that any other sanitary fabric has a texture not too different from that of a Brillo pad. Well, we’re here to dispel the notion that soft can’t equate to functional. If anything, you want the towels you use to dry your plates with to be ultra-soft because that usually means they’re also absorbent. Case in point: The Homaxy cotton waffle weave dish cloths that Amazon shoppers are, in short, obsessed with. These cloths are not only a solid choice for everyday use, but they also look great, too! And at just $14 for a pack of six, they won’t break the bank, either.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about these dish cloths is their waffle weave construction. Waffle knits are popular for blankets and other soft goods, so why not introduce a similar material into the kitchen, as well? What’s so great about the fabric in this case is that it’s 100 percent cotton, which is much more durable than polyester and many other synthetic fibers. The waffle weave is also surprisingly fluffy yet lightweight and, because it’s not a knit fabric, it won’t stretch out over time. The cloths are resultantly absorbent beyond measure, tackling even the most soaked dishes and countertops and leaving them completely dry. You’ll also find that they’re easy to wring out afterward and dry relatively quickly.

With all these wonderful qualities in mind, it’s no wonder the dish cloths have thousands of five-star Amazon ratings. “I use them for drying hands and dishes or wet them and use them for wiping counters and scrubbing dishes,” one reviewer wrote. “They can do it all! Instead of using endless disposable paper towels, I feel good about using these to clean, scrub, and dry small messes around the kitchen.” Numerous reviewers also found that, because they dry so quickly, the cloths never develop that gross, musty smell that other ones often do. Essentially, buying these waffle weave dish cloths is a no-brainer. The only hard decision you’ll have to make is which of the 15 cute color options you like the most.