Homage to the End of the Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As some of you know, we keep a little garden outside of the city. It’s a pleasure and a bit of a luxury.

This week, in the pouring rain and wild winds, we packed up the garden for the season, pulling what was left and filling our favorite little harvest basket. We ate from the basket all week. A pleasure. A luxury.

This was a banner year in the garden: we built a new fence, planted new crops like raspberries, asparagus, cucumbers, Scallopini squash and runner beans, and, with the help of many, laid down three cubic yards of gorgeous white gravel in the paths. We had two dinners inside the garden, not to mention several morning coffees and afternoon teas. Most importantly, we were able to eat what we grew, almost all summer long. A pleasure. A luxury.

Goodbye, garden. We’ll sink our hands into you again next April. How pleasurable and luxurious it will be.