Holiday Travels: Best Foods for Being Jet-Lagged

Holiday Travels: Best Foods for Being Jet-Lagged

Emma Christensen
Nov 23, 2010

Sometimes going "over the river and through the woods" to grandmother's house means a cross-country journey through multiple time zones and meal times. If your holiday travels mean dealing with being jet-lagged, you might want to ask Grandma to stock up on foods like these.

Being jet-lagged is a feeling not entirely unlike waking up the morning after a particularly fun and raucous party, and we find we crave many of the same things. Simple comfort foods and lots of snacks really help make us feel like normal human beings again.

1. Strong Coffee - Folgers won't quite cut it this time.

2. Orange Juice - Refreshing in the extreme

3. Eggs and Toast - Simple yet hearty fare.

4. Fruit and Yogurt - For those times when our stomachs can't handle richer foods.

5. Oatmeal - This sounds good no matter the time of day.

6. Soup - Chicken noodle, chili, and classic tomato soup are at the top of our list.

7. Grilled Cheese - Salty and satisfying.

8. Burger and Fries - If we've skipped a meal or two because of a long airplane ride, nothing sounds better than this.

9. Crunchy Snacks - Stock up on pretzels and chips. Nuts are also good, but only if they're fresh and not from a plastic bag at an airport vendor.

We're a bit divided on whether it's best to skip to the closest meal time in an effort to get your body on track or to just eat what your body craves. Then again, we often eat breakfast for dinner anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter either way!

What do you like to eat when you're jet-lagged?

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