Holiday Meals: Are You a Traditionalist or a Reformer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether you are someone who sees no reason to mess with a meal that works, or someone who can’t help but itch for innovation on the holiday table, you will be able to appreciate this hilarious “Application for New Dish Submission” from Dinner a Love Story, which reminds us Thanksgiving is the one meal when using high-quality chocolate is potentially suspect. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you a die-hard holiday meal traditionalist or a committed reformer?

In her application, Jenny from Dinner a Love Story promises her mother that her proposed pie will “replace, but in a loving way” the usual Jell-O chocolate pudding pie and will include nothing more strange or fancy than Valrhona chocolate. Being a holiday meal reformer from a family with solidly midcentury, Midwestern holiday food tastes, I can identify with her need to reassure her mother. Change happens slowly on the holiday table.

And my Thanksgiving recipe blasphemy doesn’t just have to do with being a food-obsessed person. My sister, as informed in food politics and seasonal cooking as I am, is the biggest traditionalist in my family, and perhaps the only remaining fan of my great-grandmother’s signature dish: a jiggly, pale green square of lime Jell-O mixed with cream cheese, served on a lettuce leaf. It’s always on our Thanksgiving table, perhaps because it is the one recipe I haven’t had the urge to reinvent.

Check it out: Application for New Dish Submission at Dinner a Love Story (includes the upgraded chocolate pudding pie recipe!)

So what are you? A Thanksgiving traditionalist of a free-wheeling reformer?

(Image: Dinner a Love Story)