Holiday Food: Talk About Your Triumphs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello! We’ve missed you all the last two weeks. There was so much cooking and baking, so many dinner parties and Christmas cookies, and we want to hear all about your triumphs. It’s not too late to talk about the holidays one more time. What did you cook and bake, and what are you bookmarking? Did you discover new classics? Tell us!

And if you had a flop and you want to talk about that too, that’s just fine. Have photos or a blog post about your holiday cooking? Please do share! Inspire us all.

I personally can report that Sara Kate’s bread wreath is indeed delicious; my mother made it for Christmas morning. I made a favorite frittata (so easy to make the night before and reheat the next morning), and these new favorite cinnamon rolls.

What did you cook over the holidays?

(Image: Faith Durand)