Holiday Entertaining: Keep Food and Drinks Cool Outside

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re entertaining for the holidays, the refrigerator can fill up quickly. Luckily, many of us have extra refrigeration space at the ready this time of year – on the porch, deck or fire escape. It’s not just for kegs of beer!

Most often, we see drinks being kept cold outdoors, but it works for food, too. A Chicago blogger at Food on the Dole recently mentioned keeping a pot of lamb stock out on the fire escape for two days, secured with a brick on top and checked occasionally for signs of critters. It made it through unscathed.

Of course, it might not be doable if temperatures drop too low – you don’t want exploding champagne bottles or food frozen solid if you’re going to be serving it soon.

Do you keep food or drinks outside in the winter?

(Image: Flickr user Ed.ward, licensed under Creative Commons)