Holiday Cookies: What’s Your Fondest Memory?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been talking cookie baking quite a bit on The Kitchn this week. Let’s face it: it’s one of our favorite times of the year. We love scouring the internet searching for new recipes and testing them in our home kitchens. But when it comes down to it with holiday cookies, what’s better than a classic?

I have many fond memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom in the kitchen. We’d, of course, do the rolled sugar cookies and decorate them using those hard, basically inedible cinnamon and silver balls and lots of gooey powdered sugar frosting. The ones with extra cinnamon balls were reserved for Santa. My mom would always bake her favorite holiday cookies, Pfeffernüsse: the peppery, gingery cookies that are so traditional in Germany and Eastern Europe. My sisters and I never understood the appeal of a dense, rather dry cookie. Boring. Still, my mom baked up batch after batch, put them in a pretty glass jar, and had them with milk each night after dinner. Much later in my teenage years, I discovered Mexican Wedding Cookies and how easy and wonderfully buttery and crumbly they are. Now I don’t go through a holiday season without whipping up a batch.

We’d love to hear about your fondest holiday cookie memories. What cookies do you remember your parents or siblings baking at home? Do you continue that tradition in your own kitchen today?

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