Holiday Baking: Stock Up On Nuts Now!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll never forget the year that we put off buying nuts for our pecan pie until the weekend before Thanksgiving and then had to go to four stores before finding one lone stale package still on the shelf. We learned our lesson: buy nuts early! What nutty baking do you have planned?

As long as we’re buying for Thanksgiving pies, we figure we might as well stock up on nuts for our other holiday projects. We usually make a big batch of spiced nuts to have on-hand for holiday gatherings. This time of year also wouldn’t be the same without nut clusters and dark chocolate walnut cookies with maraschino cherries. This year we’re also hoping to add some homemade nougat candies to the mix!

We store most of our nuts in the freezer until using them. They’ll keep for several months in there and still toast up beautifully when we need them.

Which nuts will you be stocking up on?

(Image: Flickr member WayTru licensed under Creative Commons)