Hold the Cake: 10 Light Desserts to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In Japan, a person with a sweet tooth is described as having betsu-bara, literally a separate stomach. If you have one, you’ll understand. No matter how much you eat at dinner, your second stomach has room for a little something sweet — but that doesn’t mean dessert has to be a sugar or dairy bomb. Here are 10 lighter treats we reach for when our betsu-bara starts grumbling.

1 Oranges With Lavender and Mint:
Dress up winter’s best fruit with a little orange flower water and fresh herbs.
2 Oven-dried Apple Chips: So easy to make at home.
3 Dates: What other fruit can taste like butterscotch candy? Dates are especially satisfying when eaten with a few raw almonds, toasted pistachios or other nuts.
4 3-Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream: Coconut milk-based sherbet made from fresh beet or carrot juice hits the ice cream spot without being heavy.
5 Yogurt With Caramelized Figs: Figs caramelized with rosemary and honey are spooned over yogurt and topped with pistachios and smoked sea salt. Light yet complex!

6 Meringue Cookies:
These uncomplicated cookies are airy, crisp and lightly sweet.
7 Peanut Butter and Honey Granola: So sweet and satisfying, whether topped with milk, mixed with yogurt, sprinkled over fresh fruit or eaten plain.
8 Broiled Grapefruit With Cinnamon Sugar: Not just for breakfast.
9 Magical Roasted Persimmons: Dust persimmon slices with cinnamon or five-spice powder and bake them until their edges curl, and something magical happens….
10 Sweet Milk Liqueur: Sip a small glass after supper and drink your dessert instead.

What are your favorite not-too-heavy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth?

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