Hip New Ways To Serve Jell-O (Really!)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When is the last time you saw Jell-O on the menu of a restaurant that wasn’t a cafeteria? Apparently sculpting (yes, Jell-O sculpting is a real term) the stuff is the latest trend for food designers. We’re heard of fancy Jell-O shots, but gelatin French 75 domes and blackberry bramble squares? These aren’t your college Jell-O shots!

Many of these spectacular looking treats are clearly made using gelatin flavored from scratch, and not the grocery variety Jell-O. But how cool would it be to whip out some cocktail gelatin after dinner treats at your next gathering? Some are not quite applicable to the home cook (such as Jell-Obama, a bust of the president made entirely of Jell-O), but many of the cocktail applications look worth trying. Wouldn’t you like to try a pear cosmopolitan gelatin shot?

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