Kitchen Tech: Which Cooking Apps Are Worth Buying?

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My iPhone is a veritable graveyard for cooking apps.

I have screens cluttered with apps that help me time cooking or substitute ingredients or shop more efficiently or find the most perfect dinner to make for my family tonight.

In reality, there are only a handful that I actually use, and those are ones that get used a lot.

Which apps do you think are worth buying?

These are the apps that I’ve found to be most useful to my cooking on a regular basis. Many of them are free but none of them are more than $4.99 at the most. Only one, the Cook’s Illustrated app, requires a subscription. These apps are also all for the iPhone, though many of them can also be found for the iPad and Android systems.

Conversions for Cooking ($1.99) – Because in the middle of a cooking project, sometimes math is hard
California Farmer’s Market Finder (Free) – Many other states and locations offer similar apps
Seafood Watch (Free) – From the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Very handy when buying seafood or eating out
ShopShop (Free) – A basic shopping list app that allows you to easily add new items and make multiple grocery lists for multiple stops
Evernote (Free) – For saving recipes and accessing them when away from the computer
Google (Free) – Scans barcodes and helps you comparison shop

Epicurious (Free) – All the recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appétit, Cookie Magazine, and more at your fingertips
Cook’s Illustrated (Free, but subscription needed for accessing most pages) – If you’re a Cook’s Illustrated addict, this app is a must-have. I use it for everything from the recipes to choosing ingredients when shopping
How to Cook Everything (Free for the “Essentials” version, $4.99 for the full version) – A solid app with solid recipes
Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio App ($4.99) – Walks you through basic recipes and helps scale them up or down
Real Simple: No Time To Cook? ($4.99) – Fantastic for last-minute meal inspiration

Substitutions ($1.99) – Lists of common (and uncommon) ingredients with suggestions for substitutions
Mixology (Free) – Cockail inspiration and guidance
Intelligentsia Coffee (Free) – Helps you make a perfect cup of coffee and teaches you about your beans at the same time!

Which cooking apps do you regularly use?

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