High Quality H20: There’s An App For That

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the temperatures of Summer finally on the doorstep for many people, it’s time to take your water bottle seriously again. Toting it around for hydration all day is a good thing, but have you noticed there seems to be fewer places to fill up these days? A new app from Android is trying to change that one photo and geo tag at a time.

Water fountains seem to be few and far between recently, but have you noticed how many beverage vending machines are popping up? They seem to be the new go to staple for quenching your thirst, but if you’re trying to do your part and be a bit more eco-friendly and keep your own water bottle full, it can be quite a challenge.

Google and the Pacific Institute are teaming up to begin production of a new app called “We Tap” that will allow you to locate free water (and the quality of it) no matter where you are. The project is just getting off the ground and they’re even asking for folks with an Android phone, and a Gmail account to help get do a little recon work.

It’s a great idea for those who are traveling and might not know which parks or community areas to stop and refill while they’re out and about and can also help determine where the best water is around you! It should hopefully serve as a wonderful community resource and a wake up call for some cities that don’t have enough access to water for their citizens.

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(Image: Flickr member Unlisted Sightings license for use by Creative Commons)