I’m Finally Drinking Enough Water — Thanks to This Smart Bottle

published Jul 7, 2021
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I consider myself a pretty consistent water drinker. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve sworn by a two-liter water bottle that I would finish every day (plus a little extra) to ensure I was reaching the water intake recommended by most medical experts. But because I was so faithful to my favorite bottled water brand, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t actually drinking enough! I began to notice that motivational water bottles were trending across social media as more and more people took a proactive approach to monitoring their health. Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do to benefit your body, so I figured if I wasn’t getting enough water per day by my own methods, maybe one of these new bottles would help me reach my goal.

I chose the HidrateSpark Steel, which is undoubtedly eye-catching. Since I’m drawn to bold and bright colors, I was reeled in by the rainbow lights on the bottom that play a major role in tracking how much water you’ve had to drink for the day. Available in 17- or 21-ounce capacities, the smart bottle connects to an app that tracks daily water intake, according to your body and lifestyle. I was intrigued by the app component, which is what makes the HidrateSpark so techie-feeling and cool.

Wanting to put myself in the best possible position to improve my water intake, I opted for the 21-ounce chug-top bottle in black. The HidrateSpark’s design is attractive and sleek, and I immediately knew that if it motivated me to drink more water than before as promised, this bottle would be my new go-to. It’s not too clunky, and its cylindrical shape fits securely in my hand and in standard-sized cup holders for cars and cardio equipment.

After the sensor finishes charging, it’s time to set up the Hidrate app by entering your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and whether or not you’re pregnant or nursing. This will help determine the recommended amount of water you should be drinking daily. The app is also capable of connecting Apple Health, Apple Watches (Series 5 or higher), and Fitbits. Based on my information, the app set an initial goal of 82 ounces of water for the day, which roughly equates to 10 cups. Each day, the app gave me incremental water goals and awarded trophy badges for achievements like adding a new bottle to the app, recording water intake for the first time, drinking enough water to save a six-pack of plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean, and hitting my water goal for the week. Seeing the bottle hype up my water win was enough motivation for me to continue trying to reach the goal every day and earn more badges along the way.

However, I learned quickly that pacing is key. The bottle lights up in a cycle of rainbow colors when it’s time to drink up. It’s bright and hard to miss unless the bottle is out of sight, so you’re always being encouraged to reach for it when it calls. If you don’t make the hourly goal, it’s not a big deal. The main priority is hitting the overall daily goal, and hopefully without having to chug water at the eleventh hour — which I did often in the beginning. It’s not fun having to load up on water at the end of the day, so I trained myself to drink consistently throughout the day so that I hit the goal around dinnertime. Once the daily goal is met, the bottle lights up again in rainbow colors to celebrate that you’ve made it. I mean … what a feeling!

The Hidrate app also tracks hydration history so I can see my progress, and the app adjusts my daily water goal depending on personal parameters, fitness, and even the weather. For instance, my goal adjusted from 82 ounces down to 72 ounces of water per day. You can also customize the light-up color when the bottle reminds you to take a swig. I kept it nearby as I worked and when I would leave to run errands. It’s not heavy when filled, so I could easily place it in my tote bag and head out with no issue. 

Even more impressive was the insulation of the HidrateSpark Steel. If I left the bottle full of cold water overnight, it would still be cold when I woke up. Its lid is leak-proof and lockable in case you need to shake in some water enhancers. I sometimes added the Wave Electrolyte Powder to my water, which gave it a nice boost of strawberry flavor with vitamins and zero calories.

At first, I thought it was strange to celebrate something as commonplace as drinking enough water, but in the face of trying times, every little victory means something. There were facts presented to me that I couldn’t ignore: I’d accomplished a daily goal and I generally felt better because of it. A spark (pun intended) had been lit that made me more motivated, more energetic, and more connected to who I was before having to spend a year inside. This water bottle helped me make sure I was taking care of myself and cheered me on along the way — and if there’s one thing we could all use more of, it’s a win. 

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