This New Hybrid Pan Can Sear an Entire Package of Chicken Thighs at Once

published Jul 9, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Hexclad

My list of favorite cookware brands starts off to include, in no particular order, All-Clad, Le Creuset, Staub, OXO, and Hexclad. Now, I could go on (because there are a ton of brands that deserve a mention), but I want to stop to take a moment to talk about that last one, Hexclad.

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of this stainless steel-nonstick hybrid cookware. And while I’ve written about Hexclad before, allow me to do a quick refresher, for those unfamiliar with the brand. Hexclad pans have “a layer of magnetic stainless steel, then a middle layer of aluminum, and, finally, another layer of steel,” as I explained here. “While aluminum conducts heat quickly, stainless steel transmits heat more slowly, but retains it well. This means you get both efficient and thorough, even browning and searing.”

But, perhaps the most discernible characteristic of Hexclad cookware is its signature hexagonal, laser-etched surface pattern. This creates a textured design with highs (“peaks,” the company calls them) and lows (“valleys”). The peaks are the stainless steel parts of the surface, while the valleys are the nonstick dips. This is what makes it hybrid cookware. Hexclad is also oven-safe to 500°F, dishwasher-safe, induction-friendly, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

I love the brand a ton. So, you can guess that I was pretty excited to hear about Hexclad’s newest cookware offering, a 14-inch pan. I had to try it — and, now that I have, I’m here to share my thoughts on it.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

For starters, this is a huge skillet. It comes with a domed lid which, when on, gives the whole shebang a flying saucer vibe. It has a spacious cooking surface and two handles, for easy pickup. Since I got it, it’s been living on my stovetop because, well, I just don’t have the cabinet space to store it.

I did fret over the size: Is this a reasonable purchase, when I really only cook for two people most days? Will I ever need a skillet this large? The answer is yes and yes.

While the pan first seemed too big, I find myself reaching for it again and again. Thanks to its expansive surface, I can brown a batch of meatballs in one go (then add tomato sauce and simmer them to finish cooking), sear an entire package of chicken thighs for meal prep, and make sautéed vegetables to feed six-plus people when my family comes over for dinner.

Besides its size, there are other things I like about it. The handles on the Hexclad stay cool when on the stovetop, even after it’s been on there for a while. And, like the 10-inch Hexclad pan I have, I’m impressed by its browning abilities and how little sticks to its surface — making it a breeze to clean up (I’ve only washed it by hand, since it’s too large for my dishwasher). Like other Hexclad cookware, it’s also incredibly durable. I’ve had my Hexclad skillet for years and used metal utensils on it, like a fish spatula, often. There’s still not a scratch on it.

So, do you need Hexclad’s 14-inch pan? If you cook for a crowd, make large portions for meal prep, or dislike searing things in batches, my answer is yes. I have yet to meet a Hexclad I didn’t love — and this one is no exception.

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