The Pro Nonstick Cookware That Oprah and Gordon Ramsay Swear By Is 40% Off for a Limited Time

published Sep 6, 2022
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There’s something so cool about knowing that the tools you’re relying on in your own personal kitchen are some of the same ones your favorite chefs and restaurant personalities are using. After all, if you use the same pan as Gordon Ramsay, maybe you too can master a beef Wellington (albeit with a bit less yelling), right?

Luckily, this type of insider info is precisely the perk Hexclad provides. The innovative cookware brand is a favorite of pros (think: Gordon Ramsay, Chris Baber, and Adrian Williams) and celebs alike (hello, Oprah!), so you know it has the street cred to do wonders in your own personal kitchen. The key to Hexclad’s success? A patented honeycomb-shaped laser etching that creates tiny peaks and valleys in your cookware, allowing you to harness the perks of stainless steel, nonstick, and cast iron in one do-it-all design.

And here’s the best part: For a limited time (we’re talking mere days, people!) you can still take advantage of Hexclad’s Labor Day sale, which will save you up to 40 percent off some of their best bundles and products. Check out some of our favorite deals below.

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Consider this dynamic set your entrant into the wonderful world of Hexclad. It comes complete with three pans, ranging in size from 12" to 8", each boasting its own lid and all the perks that Hexclad cookware has to offer. They'll work on all stove types and are oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can sear and finish your steaks to the perfect temperature quickly and easily. An aluminum middle layer delivers consistent even heat, while the patented hexagonal top layer helps you achieve a restaurant-quality crisp each and every time.

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Ask any chef and they'll tell you: Woks are a kitchen's secret weapon. The deep sides (in this case, a whopping 3") on this Hexclad design allow you to whip up stir-fries that are overflowing with veggies or pasta dishes that could benefit from marrying with the sauce in the pan for a while. Plus, this 12" wok is dishwasher safe and can be used with any number of metal utensils — the handle will even stay cool so you don't risk burns.

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Are you a breakfast-loving household? Then you basically need a killer griddle pan to help make weekend brunches that much more enjoyable. This new design from Hexclad delivers just that, with a completely flat 12" surface that will make quick work of fluffy pancakes, crisp bacon, and cheesy eggs (no sticking here!). Come dinner, you can transition to using it as you would any other grill pan, layering on kabobs, grilled sammies, and more.

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Hexclad may have aced versatile cookware, but it's not the only thing they're good at. The brand also makes a great set of knives, which you can score right now for almost $250 (!!) off. The set includes everything you need to outfit your kitchen with the best blades for everyday cooking, including an 8" chef's knife, 8" bread knife, 7" santoku knife, 5" utility knife, 3.5" paring knife, and 9" honing steel. Each knife is made up of 67 layers of precision-honed Japanese Damascus steel, delivering a harder blade that will make slicing and dicing completely effortless. For a limited time, you can bundle the knives with a stylish magnetic walnut knife block for easy access and chic countertop storage.

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Good news: Hexclad's innovative cookware design extends beyond pans to this trio of pots, which includes a 2-qt. pot, 3-qt. pot, and 8-qt. pot (all with lids). You'll turn to these beauties time and time again — especially during the fall for flavorful chili, rich and hearty stews, and even gooey caramel for all those autumn dessert recipes on your to-do list.

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If you're a big meat and potatoes household, do yourselves a favor and splurge on a sharp set of steak knives. This four-piece set marries form and function seamlessly, with a Japanese Damascus steel blade that glides through any protein and a stylish green pakkawood handle that will look stunning on your tabletop.

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These Hexclad pans are going to open up a world of cooking possibilities, so there's a chance you might get carried away with your weekend recipe testing and end up with a boatload of leftovers. Well, you're in luck: You can turn to these stainless steel mixing and storage bowls throughout the entire process. They feature a non-slip silicone base for easy mixing and whipping, plus patented vacuum-seal plastic lids that will keep your ingredients (and leftovers) fresher longer.