Two Wines That Will Work at Every Gathering This Fall

published Nov 9, 2018
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Why do we love Friendsgiving? Well, there’s the buffet full of dishes you actually like (with no trace of that funky casserole your aunt always insists on). There’s knowing you can get the wine you really want and actually enjoy it (instead of turning around to find that your college-age cousins have downed half the bottle). And, of course, there’s spending quality time around the table with your weird and wonderful besties (as opposed to your weird and less-wonderful extended family).

This year, make the best part of the holiday a wine that’s worthy of your unique Friendsgiving table. The Hess Collection crafts distinctive, flavorful bottles full of character—just like your crew—and they do it right in California. (Because your wine should be as local as your turkey.) Here are two Golden State wines from The Hess Collection that will fit in at any Friendsgiving table.

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Hess Select Central Coast Pinot Noir is like that guest who gets along with everyone; it’s a perfect pour for turkey or other crowd-pleasing dinners like grilled salmon. This fruit-forward bottle, brightly tannic with notes of blueberry and cherry, carries the terroir of Monterey’s Gabilan Mountains, where grapes develop earthy aromas and notes of white pepper and pomegranate.

When we’re gathering around cheese plates or hearty roasts, we’re uncorking a Hess Select North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, a currant- and blackberry-kissed vino from the Cab-loving growing regions north of Napa. This supple wine, with hints of tobacco and black pepper, is plenty big for richer dishes.

If you want to explore the other wines from The Hess Collection just look for the lion on any bottle of Hess and you’ll be in good hands. It’s a little reminder to live with heart and courage, a mantra that’s served the Hess family — and its one-of-a-kind wines — for more than six generations. Like Friendsgiving with our favorites, that’s a tradition we can all raise a glass to.

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