According to Hershey, Those Candy Shortage Rumors Have Been Over-Exaggerated

published Aug 1, 2022
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A variety of Hersheys Candy Bars. The full size candy bars are a favorite at Halloween.
Credit: Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

Supply-chain issues have been wreaking havoc on grocery jaunts lately, with everything from chickpeas to mustard being in short supply. To make matters worse, it was said last week that those looking forward to divvying out tricks and bringing in the treats this Halloween may be in for a bit of disappointment because a shortage of our favorite candies could be underway.

After a recent Reuters report claimed that Hershey candies could be in short supply this season, fans of the iconic brand were sent into a full-on frenzy. As the report made its rounds on multiple media outlets, Twitter users felt the impact, revealing that this chocolate crisis was one that was too much to bear.

If you found yourself feeling broken from the news, too, you can begin putting yourself back together again because, according to a representative for the Hershey’s brand, the report of a shortage is being gravely exaggerated. In fact, the brand rep told TODAY that there’ll actually be plenty of candy to go around. 

“We will have even more seasonal product available to the consumer this year than last year,” the spokesperson told TODAY.  So where did the news of a shortage come from? Apparently, when the brand began focusing on everyday product production to improve year-round availability in the spring, seasonal production was on the same line and they needed to find a balance for production of both.

The spokesperson, however, confirmed that there’s no reason to worry because everything from Jolly Ranchers to Reese’s will be available for those baskets. 

Even with the news of the shortage at bay, it still sounds like as good of an excuse as any to secure our supply now to make sure we’re ready for Halloween. Those Hershey’s Kisses are essential for trick-or-treaters!