Here’s Why You Should Throw a Homecoming Party for Your New Appliances

published Feb 28, 2017
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A few days before this past Thanksgiving, my parents got all new appliances in their kitchen. As the person who does all of the cooking for the holiday, I was a little annoyed. And by “a little annoyed,” I mean almost rant-y. “Why would they get new stuff (that no one knows how to operate) right before the biggest cooking holiday of the year?” I asked my husband.

Once we arrived at their house, though, I totally understood.

My mom was excited to show off her new toys! My brother and I don’t usually get to visit our parents at the same time that often. She knew Thanksgiving would be a guaranteed occasion to get us at the house to see — and use — her fancy new appliances.

And it wasn’t so bad: On Thanksgiving Eve (that’s what it’s called, right?), we read the manuals together and talked through our plan for the oven and the convection microwave. The next day, cooking went off without a hitch — once we figured out how to turn off that darn oven timer, that is. I’ve been home once since then, but we just went out to dinner, so in hindsight I’m glad we got to see and use the new stuff when we did.

This all brings me to my point: You should totally throw a homecoming party for your new big appliances, should you be lucky enough to get some.

Sure, some of your friends might not share in your excitement for your new 36-inch range or French-door refrigerator. But some of them will. Invite everyone over for an appliance version of a sip and see (when people come over to sip on drinks and see a new baby). Those who care can look at (and pet?) your new appliances; those who don’t can simply eat the delicious treats that come out of said new appliances.

Really, this is just an excuse for a party, which no one can ever really be mad at.

Have you ever done anything like this? Would you consider it? Discuss in the comments!