Here’s Why the Martini Glass Is the Worst Glass in the World

published Jan 31, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

You guys! The martini glass is the worst! You don’t agree? Allow me to convince you.

Although it looks plenty cool, there is one key design flaw that makes the martini glass totally impractical. It’s those angled walls that essentially direct the liquid right up and over the rim.

Have you ever ordered a martini at a bar, settled up with the bartender, and then attempted to walk said drink from the counter to your table? It’s basically harder than balancing an egg on a spoon! You’re bound to end up with at least a third of your drink on the floor!

For the love of all things shaken and stirred, why can’t a martini glass simply have, say, a half-inch buffer? The walls can still be angled as they are; I just ask that, at the very top, the walls straighten out just a little bit to help contain the drink.

Because it’s unlikely that the classic drinking vessel will be redesigned anytime soon, I propose a better glass: the coupe glass.

(Image credit: Roger Kamholz)

Just imagine how easy it would be to drink the martini above! It’s still a dainty glass (and sure, spills can still happen if you’re not careful), but the rim is actually designed to help — not hinder.

I don’t often order martinis (I just don’t even want to deal!), but when I do I almost always ask the bartender to put it in a coupe glass. The request usually gets a few weird looks in return, but I’ll happily take them if it means I can actually hold my drink without spilling all over.

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