Here’s What a $5,000 Sink Looks Like

published Dec 4, 2014
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(Image credit: Officine Gullo)

Warning: do not fall in love with this sink unless you have a cool five grand burning a hole in your pocket. Whoever decided to take “everything but the kitchen sink” clearly did not own this sink, because leaving this sink behind anywhere would just be wrong. So, so wrong.

Who makes this beauty, you’re wondering? That would be Florence-based kitchen design company Officine Gullo, who also make refrigerators, faucets, and cooking ranges, among other things, and offer the option to go full-on bespoke. Their website uses words like “opulence” and “living sculptures” to describe their product line and — yeah, I’m getting that impression.

But back to the sinks — most are made of a combination of stainless steel, copper, and burnished brass, the mix of which is what makes these so gorgeous. (Also, it cracks me up that the sink costs five thousand and eighty-six dollars and twenty-nine cents. They couldn’t have just rounded down?)

And no, you cannot sleep with this sink, and it won’t become yours by weeping and wailing. (I thought the same thing!)

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