Here’s Proof That the Rock Has a Secret Sweet Tooth

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: @therock)

You know that game where you list three people — dead or alive — who you would invite to an imaginary dinner party? The Rock would be on my list. When he’s not running around film sets or working out for endless hours at the gym, he’s talking to his fans on Instagram. And he’s just so nice! So personal! Who wouldn’t want to have him over for dinner? I bet he’d even offer to do the dishes.

The only problem becomes what to cook for the Rock. His diet is pretty protein-heavy: There’s so much cod (like, lots and lots of cod), and then there’s eggs, steak, vegetables, and potatoes. Unless he’s on one of his epic cheat days, chances are that dinner party food is going to be pretty simple, and it definitely won’t end with a piece of chocolate cake.

Or will it? It turns out that the Rock actually has a sweet tooth and we found the proof on Instagram today.

Today on Instagram the Rock said he took over the making of his sweet potato fries from his family chef so he could add cinnamon and liquid stevia. He notes that while the fries would be delicious for everyone, that he’d probably eat them all first. “Only problem is, I will destroy the sweet potato masterpiece as soon as they come out of the oven, before anyone else has a chance to taste greatness, so only daddy’s tum tum gets that sweet yum yum.”

Yes, Dwayne Johnson said “daddy’s tum tum gets that sweet yum yum” on Instagram. He’s the only one who could pull that off and have it not be totally creepy.

But let’s talk about this whole sweet potato fry situation. The Rock thought adding liquid stevia to his baked French fries was a good idea, which is a little concerning. Stevia on French fries? I mean, who does that? Someone who has a serious sweet tooth, that’s who. So even though the Rock might be known for eating pounds of cod every day, you know he’s really dreaming about his next sugar fix.