Here’s How to Hull a Strawberry

updated Jul 1, 2020
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Credit: Linda Xiao

There are lots of hacks out there for hulling a strawberry (removing the green stem and leaves, as well as the bit of white flavorless core in the center of the strawberry). But before you try a straw or a specialty tool, it might be good to know the basics of this simple summer technique.

Hulling removes the less-than-desirable parts of the strawberry, but when done correctly it also minimizes waste (giving you more bang for your berry buck) and makes sliced strawberries more appealing. All you need to hull strawberries is a bunch of washed and dried berries and a small paring knife. Here’s how to do it.

What Is Hulling a Strawberry, Anyway?

The hull, or calyx, is the leafy green top of the strawberry, which isn’t inedible (here are some ways to use it). Hulling is the process of removing that top. Culinarily speaking, removing a small bit of the interior of the berry is part and parcel of hulling off the stem too. Hulling makes rosy red strawberries look even better, whether you’re turning them into shortcake or just eating them with whipped cream.

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How to Hull Strawberries

Credit: Meghan Splawn

1. Wash and dry your berries. The hulling process is super simple too, but start by washing and drying your strawberries. Working with one strawberry at a time, pull back the leaves so you can see the stem.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

2. Use a paring knife to cut around the hull. Insert a paring knife at a slight angle as close to the stem as you can. Cut a conical circle around the stem.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

3. Remove the hull and discard. It’s possible that your strawberry hull will slip right out after cutting; if not, give it a gentle pull to to remove and discard it or save it for future use.

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