Here’s a Ranking of the Food at Every Country in Epcot Center

(Image credit: Helen Rosner)

Part of the fun of childhood trips to Disney World or Disneyland was getting to gorge on smoked turkey legs, Dole Whips, corn dogs, and Carnation ice cream malts. Disney fare was predictable and safe, perfect for over-excited kids and the exhausted parents shepherding them.

But Epcot Center is different. I remember slurping noodles in the Japan pavilion 20 years ago, and it looks like food at Epcot has gotten even better now.

The brave folks at Eater ate their way through all of the different countries at Epcot Center and came up with their ranking of best to worst. They were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, which means you’ll be happy eating at the happiest place on earth.