Here’s a Pretty (and Eco-Friendly!) Way to Reuse Your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

(Image credit: Casey Brodley for Oh Joy!)

Halloween’s over, and I always struggle with what to do with my leftover decorative pumpkins, especially the carved ones. Do I leave them outside to keep that festive fall touch, but risk them decomposing into a slimy mess since I’ll probably forget about them until it’s too late? Or do I compost them before it gets messy? Here’s a fun solution that is both decorative and eco-friendly!

Turn Those Pumpkins into Planters!

Our sister site Apartment Therapy recently showcased 10 pumpkin-themed planters. Our favorite ideas were the ones that turned real pumpkins into planters, which we thought was an amazing way to use up both uncarved pumpkins or ones that have been carved as jack-o’-lanterns.

This is a such beautiful and easy way to plant succulents, herbs, or decorative flowers in a festive, colorful base, even now that Halloween festivities are over.

Plant Those Planters Right in the Ground

But the best part of these pumpkin planters? Pumpkins are organic material, so when the pumpkin is starting to get soft, just plant the whole thing right in the ground and the planter will decompose — no wrestling it into the compost bin! The pumpkin will turn into nutrient-rich compost that will help feed the plants growing inside it.

What do you do with your Halloween jack-o’-lantern?