Here Are the 10 Most Popular Caesar Salad Recipes on the Internet

(Image credit: The Domestic Man)

With just a few core ingredients, Caesar salad has the potential to come off feeling, well, basic. However, the internet begs to differ. Those core ingredients are just the beginning, giving way to a bevy of variations. And these 10 stunning salads are proof that Caesar salad is truly anything but boring.

1. Grilled Romaine Caesar from The Domestic Man

Classic Caesar gets a Paleo-friendly twist and a very welcome and smoky upgrade with beautifully charred romaine and tomatoes.

(Image credit: Gimme Some Oven)

2. Kale Caesar Salad from Gimme Some Oven

With a mixture of shredded kale, crisp romaine lettuce, and pasta, this is the kind of kale Caesar we can totally get behind. But what makes this version a winner is a dose of tangy lime juice that really makes the dressing pop.

(Image credit: Damn Delicious)

3. Fusilli Caesar Salad from Damn Delicious

Pasta gives this classic a hearty boost, but what will really make you swoon for this salad are the croutons made from King’s Hawaiian rolls.

(Image credit: Foodness Gracious)

4. Grilled Caesar Salad with Shrimp from Foodness Gracious

The warm, wilted leaves and smoky char from the grill, along with skewered shrimp, gives this meal-worthy salad a wonderfully impressive upgrade.

(Image credit: Oh She Glows)

5. Vegan Caesar Salad from Oh She Glows

With crispy roasted chickpeas in place of croutons, a fatty nut and seed blend as a stand-in for Parmesan, plus a rich and creamy dressing, this vegan Caesar has our complete attention.

(Image credit: How Sweet It Is)

Between the warm shredded Brussels sprouts and these ciabatta croutons, this is one Caesar salad we’d never turn down. I mean, there are croutons, and then there are bacon ciabatta croutons!

(Image credit: Closet Cooking)

7. Caesar Grilled Asparagus from Closet Cooking

When you’re looking to change up the greens in your Caesar salad, don’t restrict yourself to only lettuce: Tender, smoky grilled asparagus is a tasty alternative you probably haven’t considered yet.

(Image credit: Cafe Delites)

Ready to make your coworkers jealous at lunchtime? This loaded Caesar salad will definitely do the trick.

(Image credit: Budget Bytes)

9. Kale and Salmon Caesar Salad from Budget Bytes

If there was ever a time to step away from the standard chicken Caesar, this is it. Loaded with chunks of flaky canned salmon and bowtie pasta, we’re sold on this salad.

(Image credit: RecipeTin Eats)

10. Caesar Salad Wonton Cups from RecipeTin Eats

Who needs a salad plate when you can serve up mini Caesar salads in wonton cups?