I Tried This Wildly Popular Tip for Prepping Herbs and I’m Honestly Impressed

updated Feb 25, 2021
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Cutting herbs
Credit: Ashley Abramson

Fresh herbs make almost everything taste better: salads, my favorite dinner recipes, and even cocktails. The only problem is that they can be a total pain to prep (call me lazy, but it’s true!). I’ve tried a bunch of different methods for making it easier, but I haven’t found anything that actually saves me time and isn’t another extra gadget to clean. So more often than not, I find myself tearing off the leaves from the stems by hand. It isn’t a huge hassle, but isn’t exactly the most efficient use of my time, either. 

Then, I came across this TikTok video: a super-simple (and honestly, somewhat obvious!) solution to my herb-tearing problems. In the video, a woman easily pulls herbs through her cheese grater to get rid of the stems. Brilliant! I like this herb-pulling trick because it not only saves time I would have spent picking leaves from stems, but it also repurposes a common kitchen item, which ultimately saves space in my gadget drawer. (Yes, I’ll probably be getting rid of my herb mill.)

Credit: Ashley Abramson

I Tried That Wildly Popular Tip on TikTok for Prepping Herbs

I tried the hack, and it works exactly like the video shows. First, you grab your herbs and your cheese grater. I needed parsley for my roasted Italian chicken, so that’s what I used. Then, you pull the stem through one of the front holes on the grater. (I chose the side of the grater with smaller holes so the parsley leaves wouldn’t pull through.) The leaves fall off at just the right place, and you can just toss the stem. Voila! So easy.

If you need to chop your herbs, you’ll of course have a little more work to do on the cutting board. But the pull-through trick definitely saves time, and it’s way more fun (especially with the TikTok music in the background). 

Have you tried this trick? Let us know in the comments!

Credit: Kitchn