Helpful Hint: A New Use for Your Potato Ricer!

published Mar 31, 2010
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s always fun to discover a solution for a dreary kitchen task that’s also a new use for a beloved, but uni-tasker, kitchen implement. Question: What do you think I’m doing in the photo above that uses my old potato ricer in a new and helpful way?

Answer: Squeezing the water out of cooked spinach! How many times have you stood over the sink, squeezing and squeezing cooked or frozen spinach in your cramped little hands? Or have ruined a nice kitchen towel as a last resort fill-twist-and-squeeze effort? The potato ricer, which is shaped like a giant garlic press, does a fantastic job of getting all the excess moisture out and cleans up quickly and easily.

This handy tip came from the comments section of the website food52, where contributor KelseyThe NaptimeChef writes ‘for the frozen spinach – a great way to get the water out is with a potato ricer.’ Brilliant! I imagine this would work just as well for other greens such as chard and kale.

What solutions have saved your favorite uni-tasker from languishing in the dusty depths of your bottom most kitchen drawer?

(Image: Dana Velden)