Help! What Are Your Best Tips for Cooking a Moist and Tender Turkey for Thanksgiving?

published Nov 27, 2019
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From Kitchn’s Reddit AMA: What’s the best way to make sure the turkey stays moist and tender all the way through for Thanksgiving?

Chris: Brine brine brine brine brine!

Kelli: Yes, to brining! It always feels like such a pain (wet brining) when doing it and takes up so much space, but so worth it always.

Meghan: Team dry brine here!

Faith: But what if you ran out of time? What is the MINIMAL amount of time you can brine and still make it count?

Meghan: One of the reasons I love a dry brine is that you can do it the morning of, too!

Sheela: Perhaps if you don’t have time, you should just wrap it in… bacon?!?

Meghan: Oh yes, Sheela, I forgot about that gem!

Kelli: I’m also a HUGE fan of rubbing compound butter between the skin and flesh of the turkey, which also adds extra flavor.

Chris: Dry brine is great — and saves some space. But wet brine is probably more sure-fire? I think even a few hours of brining can be worth it. And you can brine while it’s thawing! But if it needs to go in the oven and you haven’t brined, then I have a controversial suggestion…

Arie: Bring it!

Chris: Spatchcock. Or better yet, cut the turkey into parts: Breast, legs, all separate. Then roast and pull each out when they hit 165°F. Moist and tender, not at all dry Of course, you don’t get the carve-able bird. But that may matter less when everyone is filling up their plates and going to town. I would like to note, also, that I am not alone in this position.

Arie: I like this take!

Lauren Masur: My parents fight every year because my dad waits for the little plastic popper which is always defective. I recommend investing in a Thermapen.

Faith: That’s so funny!

Christine: Chiming in late here, but I would say spatchcocking, especially the way we do it in two pieces on the site — means you don’t overcook!

Chris: Yessss…

Reader: Your turn!

Do you have any ingenious ideas for keeping a bird from becoming bone-dry? Let us know in the comments!

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