Help! What Are Good Dishes for a Graduation Brunch?

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Q: I’m planning my own graduation brunch, as my family is juggling two graduations that weekend and won’t be arriving until the morning of. However, this was probably a very dumb idea, as I have no idea what I am going to feed 30 people for brunch, especially in a dorm kitchen (at least it means I have access to 7 ovens!) where I can’t even distract people with mimosas because there is no alcohol allowed.

I’m thinking mostly things I can make in advance and maybe pop in the oven that morning. Unfortunately, I don’t usually cook breakfast/brunch or for large groups, so I don’t really know what those things are.

Sent by Leah

Editor: Leah, brunch is our favorite meal for a crowd. It’s very easy to make a lot of brunch dishes ahead of time. For this particular meal, we would suggest making a couple big trays of an egg and vegetable casserole. Check out this roundup for some ideas:

Then make a big fruit salad (again, ahead of time) and have it ready in the fridge.

Finish off with some sweet rolls or rich bread bought from a bakery, and some orange juice. For a special touch, mix the orange juice with a few bottles of club soda and a little pear or grapefruit juice. Garnish with limes or lemons.

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Readers, any specific recipes or tips for Leah?

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