Help! Safe Foods for a Queasy Pregnant Lady to Cook?

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Q: Before I was pregnant, cooking was not only an enjoyed chore, but a much-loved hobby. After pregnancy, I can’t even come near the kitchen without dry-heaving from the smells (imagined or real). Getting my morning yogurt out of the fridge is like a well-timed dance to make it there and out without having any problems. It is devastating.

I still want to eat healthy, and cooking from home is the best way, but I can’t seem to cook anymore. Are there other moms out there who had this problem? How did you do it without going out to eat, going to the in-laws, or just starving?

What kind of things are “safe” for a queasy pregnant lady to cook? Please help.

Sent by Danielle

Editor: Oh, Danielle, my sympathies. I’ve never been pregnant, but I do wonder if homemade ginger ale and ginger tea might be a place to start?

Readers, any help for Danielle and her dilemma?

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