Help! My Flax Seeds Taste Bad

updated May 2, 2019
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Q: I have a lot of flax seed. I purchased them about a year ago when I was giving veganism a whirl, since I’d read they were a great omega-filled addition to foods. But honestly, I can’t stand the flavor of them. I’ve tried adding them to oatmeal, breads, and other things, and it always seems to give them an off flavor! Am I doing something wrong?

Sent by Sarah

Editor: Sarah, it sounds like your flax seeds have probably gone rancid. Ground flax seeds and oil spoils very quickly. While the whole seeds do last longer, if they haven’t been stored in the fridge, and if they are over a year old, they are probably not good to eat anymore. They shouldn’t taste “off” at all — good flax seeds will taste nutty.

Readers, any other thoughts or answers for Sarah?