Should I Throw Out My Rice Cooker Now That the Nonstick Lining is Scratched?

published Aug 25, 2014
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Q: I have a question about heavily-trashed Teflon, although this time not about a frying pan but about a rice cooker insert. I have this years-old but pretty well-working rice cooker with a nonstick (presumably Teflon-coated) inner pan, which now looks very scratched.

I know that people have tons of alternative suggestions when it comes to frying pans, but what about this one? If it was up to me, I would stop using the machine as I am completely capable of cooking rice in a normal pan. However, my husband programs it to have his breakfast of grains and fruits cooked when he wakes up, and I can not convince him to stop doing it since he finds it extremely practical.

The manufacturer has stopped producing this model of the rice cooker, and stopped selling rice cookers in Europe (where I live) for good, so I cannot replace it with an original. What can I replace it with? Is there a company who offers alternative parts to such machines? Please help!

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Editor: Readers, do you know of places that sell replacement rice cooker inserts? Or do you have a rice cooker to recommend if she was to buy a new one?