Help Me Turn This Dish into an Appetizer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I am throwing a dinner party next week and I’m planning on turning this Epicurious recipe for Salmon Cannelloni into an appetizer.

My idea is to make tiny crepes and wrap them around crunchy crackers with smoked salmon on top. The problem is the lemon cream sauce. I would love to have a lemon aspect, but all the recipes for curds and creams that I’m finding seem really sweet. Any suggestions for adding a light, lemony aspect to this appetizer?

Sent by Maureen

Editor: This sounds fantastic! For the lemon sauce, what about making an unsweetened whipped cream with some lemon zest in it? You could even add some of the tarragon called for in the crespelle of the original recipe. I think this would taste rich and light but not sweet, similar to the dill cream in this recipe:

Readers, what ideas do you have?