Help Me Think of Thanksgiving-Themed Finger Foods!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I am living abroad and getting ready to move back to the States next month. I would love to throw a Thanksgiving-themed goodbye party. I do NOT want to have a sit-down meal for 20-30 people, but would rather have lots of finger foods.

So far all I have been able to come up with is turkey and stuffing-stuffed mushrooms, and pumpkin pie cupcakes. Help!

Sent by Megan

Editor: Megan, how fun! We like the pumpkin cakes, and the stuffed mushrooms. What about some chicken wings or small drumsticks, too, glazed with a similar marinade or glaze as a turkey? Also, we think that cranberries hold a lot of possibility. We are huge fans of this brie and cranberry baked cheese appetizer; people devour it.

But those are just a couple idea to get the wheels turning. We know that the readers will give you a ton of great inspiration! What should Megan serve at her Thanksgiving finger food party?