Help Me Plan & Host My First Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Q: Help! I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time, and I am very excited! I will only be cooking for six people, and so I am having a hard time selecting a menu that 1) isn’t too difficult (i.e. time-consuming) and 2) won’t leave me with lots of leftovers.

How much turkey and sides should I make for six? I also have a small apartment kitchen with a tiny oven so space is tight. Any suggestions for recipes? What can be made in advance?

Sent by Liz

Editor: Liz, with the turkey, we’re huge fans of Mark Bittman’s braised turkey recipe, which is adaptable because you cook pieces instead of a whole bird. As far as making things ahead, consider freezing unbaked pies, making some turkey gravy, and preparing rolls or bread. I also like to have some munchies and appetizers done way ahead, so I can put those out and concentrate on finishing up the meal preparation.

Reader, what advice and recipes would you offer to Liz?

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