Help Me Plan a Great Easter Brunch for My Future In-Laws

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Q: For Easter this year, my boyfriend’s mother asked if I would plan and prepare Easter dinner for 9 people (including 3 kids). I jumped at the opportunity because I love entertaining, but mostly I want to impress my potential future mother-in-law! The thing is that they are Filipino and tend to keep things simple.

Dinners are buffet style. They also prefer to have white rice with every meal. My family has always had a traditional sit-down dinner with ham, potato salad, hard boiled eggs and such. I’m definitely going to do a ham, but what other types of dishes should I make?

Sent by Emily

Editor: Emily, we think this is a great opportunity to mix your traditions with those of your boyfriend’s family. Get the ham, and make white rice too. Then find ways to creatively bridge your traditional cuisine with his. Perhaps a spicy pineapple salsa that would be good with the ham and rice, and a tray of incredibly delicious bibingka next to your colored eggs.

As far as seating arrangements and dining formality — that should be decided by whomever is hosting the party, with consideration given to the needs of the kids especially.

Readers, what else would you suggest?