Help Me Make a Fresh Summer Meal for a Family with a New Baby

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Q: Some good friends just had a baby and I want to take them some food. Seeing as it’s the dead heat of summer, I’d like to stay away from the obligatory casserole. But something that doesn’t have to be eaten the night it’s prepared would be good. Help!

Sent by Brianna

Editor: Brianna, well, you can’t go wrong with a New Baby Taco Box!

Make some shredded carnitas in the slow cooker, and take them a big box of fresh taco fixings that can be eaten over several days. Also, it’s great to take fresh fruit, already cut-up, and small things that can go in the freezer, like a few homemade popsicles or a roll of cookie dough.

One last tip: Don’t forget about breakfast! Everyone brings supper dishes, but what about breakfast? A fresh vegetable egg casserole (like this one) can really suit any meal of the day, and cinnamon rolls would always be welcome too.

Readers, what else would you suggest?

(Image: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)